The European Jujitsu Union - EJJU

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The EJJU is one of the most important international Jujitsu Organisations within Europe. Almost all practiced Jujitsu Ryu are represented, wehreat the focus lies on the traditional japanese Ryu: TENJIN-SHINYO-RYU, KAWAISHI-RYU, HAKKO-RYU, KIRO-RYU or GOSHIN-JITSU. Today, the EJJU consists out of 20 member states, which are represented by the specific vice president of the depending state. Every member state organises one international Seminar each year, to which the Sensei of the other member states are invited.

EJJU Seminar Calendar (Here you find all seminars hold by the EJJU in the year 2017)

Intercontinental Jujitsu Organisation (IJJO)

Since some years, the european Jujitsu Union works together with the new founded Intercontinental Jujitsu Organisation (IJJO), whichever is represented on several continents.

Europe (EJJU)

North Amerika (USA und Canada)

South Amerika (Ecuador, Uruguay und Argentina)


Africa (Zambia, Marocco und South Africa)

Asia (Georgia, India, Russia)

The member states inform each other permanently about news and seminars all over the world.


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