What is Jujitsu ?



= "Ju" means flexible and gentle

= "jitsu" means art and technique

Jujitsu is a traditional martial art, which is founded on the principle of "winning by retreating". This means, that the defender will not stand up the attacker with force, but will deflect the attack, by using the force of the attacker against him or her.

Originally "ju" mean winning without spilling blood. This meaning changed over time and today "ju" means "winning by retreating, avoiding or deflecting".

It has to be pointed out, that Jujitsu is actually a collective name of several schools (Ryu) or styles. Within our association we train and teach Kawaishi Ryu, which is coined by round, evasiveness and indirect movements. This Ryu is named after Mikinosuke Kawaishi, from whom Dr. Heribert Czerwenka - Wenkstetten was impressed mostly. 



Jujitsu was founded in the medieval times of japan in the samurai-caste with the aim to be able to defend yourself, even after losing your weapons on the Battlefield. Today, the broad spectrum of techniques provides the possibility to counteract many different types of attack. The use of force in this connection is not necessary if the techniques are performed correctly.

The Jujitsu training improves the balance, the concentration and the perception of the human body. The traditional form of Jujitsu, as it is practiced within our association  is more than just a sport or a self defense system. It is a way to find yourself. In the end, those have achieved the highest form of Jujitsu, who are able to win a fight, without fighting. 

principles of Jujitsu

  • winning by retreating, avoiding or deflecting
  • leverage usage 
  • using the force of the attacker against him or her
  • permanent control of your opponent
  • distraction, deception and surprise



are strictly refused in all traditional japanese Jujitsu Ryu. As the Ryu (Kawaishi Ryu) practiced in our association is also a traditional Ryu (Nippon Jujitsu), tournaments are refused as well.

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