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How to join us: 

All courses run consecutively for the whole year, except the USI-courses (for more information check out the following link: www.usi.at). trial lesson is always possible (except for the USI-courses)!

attentionAt the University Sports Institute of Vienna (USI) a trial lesson is only possible at the first unit of each course, related on the semester.

You will find an overview of all offered courses here.


For those, who decide to join our association or take part in the training, should consider buying a "Gi" ("trainings-suit"). "Gis" are availaible at several sports outfitters, mostly under the description "Judo-G"i or "Jujitsu-Gi". But there is also the possibility to buy a "Gi" online. It is important to buy it approximately 5 to 10 cm larger, because of possible shrinkage during the first washing. Furthermore you will need a "Gi", which withstands high forces. A "Karate-Gi" or "Tae Kwon Do-Gi" is therefore not suitable, because of the lighter material. 


There are 6 Kyu-grades / belts (student-grades) in the colours white (6. Kyu, beginners), yellow (5. Kyu), orange (4. Kyu), green (3. Kyu), blue (2. Kyu) and brown (1. Kyu), followed by 10 Dan-grades (black belts, master-grades). After the 1. Kyu follows the 1. Dan, then the 2. Dan and so on. At official occasions owners of the 6. and 7. Dan wear a red-white belt, owners of the 8. and 9. Dan wear a red belt and owners of the 10. Dan wear a white belt, doubled in width.

From the 5. Kyu until the 6. Dan, grades are achieved via belt exams. For Dan-examinations an official invitiation is required. From the 7. Dan forward grades are achieved via promotion. If you are interested to gain a black belt in Jujitsu, 4 to 5 years of intensive and consistent training are required.

To be admitted for a belt exam, you need to be a member of our association (SHOBUKAI AUSTRIA). You will find more information about registration and costs here.

physical requirements: 

Jujitsu is suitable for every person (see principles of Jujitsu), which is interested in learning this martial art, concerning physical requirements, age and sex. 


are strictly refused in all traditional japanese Jujitsu Ryu. As the Ryu (Kawaishi Ryu) practiced in our association is also a traditional Ryu (Nippon Jujitsu), tournaments are refused as well.

expenditure of time: 

We recommend a pensum of 2 to 3 training sessons a week, to achieve good training success.

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